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One of the world’s first blockchain security apps.

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Stor3 is a private blockchain security app targeted at those who are conscious of their data and security.

What is Stor3?

Stor3 is one of the world’s first blockchain security applications. The app will operate as a storage facility for private files such as photos, tickets, CV’s, medical records, vouchers, tokens, fine art, mortgage and insurance details and anything else you deem worthy of the highest protection available online. The storage uses and applications are endless. Crucially it is unhackable.

We have developed unique hyperledger blockchain systems and research products that help users, investors and companies reach their security potential. Providing efficient and affordable ways for users to take control of their financial, regulatory and transaction data.

What is Stor3?

Your Data

Owned by you.

Upload any document, image and record its existence on a tamperproof mobile blockchain. Keep your documents to yourself or share your trusted data with other app uses.

How does it work?

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