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Grandeo's hyperledger based blockchain.

Algorithmic Ratings / Blockchain Backend

Focused Market Segments / In-house Data Team

Tailored Analysis / Portfolio Analysis

What is ResearchA?

ResearchA is a data as a service platform that provides business intelligence on UK private companies.  It runs on a UK Companies Blockchain which has over 4.5 Million individual companies. It centralises naturals and non-naturals for purposes of gluing agreements to assets such as shareholder and director agreements. ResearchA gives insights into UK ’s growth companies providing key information to owners and investors. It also provides news headlines and algo ratings on top growth companies in the UK. From the data Grandeo will offer private companies smart Equity Management solutions.   

Uses of ResearchA?

  • Trend Analysis 

  • Due Diligence

  • Competitor landscape analysis 

  • Disruptor research 

  • AI rankings / ratings 

  • AI commentary 

  • Portfolio analysis 

  • Investor / owners analysis 

  • Stakeholder assessments 

  • Full API 

  • Independent


ResearchA metrics allow quick, simple sector comparisons on private companies. Our proprietary rating system is  based on multi factors including management/directors/shareholders/business profile /market position/financials/ scaleabilit .

Our Algo Ratings show investors and business owners key information on financial, regulatory and transaction data.



In a post bricks and mortar valuation world, business intelligence decisions need to be faster then ever before. We provide one page company analysis and level 2 full due diligence using AI and machine learning. We provide company analysis including shareholders, valuations and algo produced ratings.

Business intelligence and blockchain security.