Enter Grandeo


First things first, how safe is your data?

When you send a file to another person, whether it be friends, family, colleagues, have you ever asked how secure is the transfer? If you send a copy of your passport to a travel agent, where is it stored? If you send a script to a film company, how can you verify it as your own? We are on the frontiers of the new world, where the public are waking to the fact that they themselves do not own their data. We’ve seen legislative action, governmental action and social activism change how our personal information is shared. New European copyright laws mark a new generation of creative ownership. Platforms such as YouTube and Google, as of 2021, will be legally responsible for the user-generated material they host in the EU and will have to obtain licences from rights-holders to show their material. For the first time ever, users are taking back control.



So, how do our apps change this?

We believe blockchain is the securest method of transferring data and has never been successfully integrated into mobile — until now. Stor3 allows users to send information and files to other app users in a simple, secure and shareable manner. Users can safely send creative or personal documents within the app with ease. We can verify ownership, protect your data and allow users to take back control from third party advertisers. If you’re a doctor wanting to send patient files to other doctors, you can use our apps, if you’re an aspiring illustrating conscious of others stealing your style, you can use Grandeo. Or If you don’t want your holiday pics sprawled over social channels, you can use Grandeo. We’re really excited to be at the forefront of the data revolution and would love for you to join us change how we share our information.