Innovating for blockchain communities and businesses since 2017

Headquartered in London, Grandeo aims to be the leader in blockchain based data security and redefine the way we share information. Our company specializes in solving the growing challenges of mitigating large scale hacking and punitive GDPR regulation fines by cryptography and innovative technology. Whether you’re a small business owner, accountant, lawyer or insurer, we will not only protect what you create, but we’ll also provide you with the tools that leverage our innovative blockchain platforms. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to give companies bespoke solutions and support your individual needs and concerns.

We’ve always been in helm of the blockchain revolution, and have developed a series of pioneering data solutions for all businesses. Our technology is simple to use and can be integrated into business practices and existing workflows. Our solutions can be white labelled or reconfigured to suit private permission blockchains or your businesses needs.  

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Our Expertise


The world of technology is ever growing and evolving. We have grown and evolved with blockchain development from the beginning. We have built customised blockchain solutions for B2B and B2C usage.


Our solutions mitigate the risk of hacking and data leakage through a simplified blockchain architecture which encrypts and stores EACH data file uniquely. 

We enable users and businesses to regain control of their sensitive data and greatly enhance their risk management through our blockchain cryptography.


The existing protocol for company data security uses databases and cloud servers to protect their sensitive information. These methods have become outdated and are susceptible to hacking, information retrieval and misuse. 


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier for cyber security and data protection. Grandeo gives you an unique, simple and effective solution, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.


Our innovation hub and lab highlights some of our favourite blockchain projects that are build with society in mind.


With our cyber partners Darkbeam, we can scale and tailor our products to multiple verticals and industries. Making sure each company has an easily configurable blockchain system which delivers privacy and control to businesses.


We’ve lost control of our personal data
— Sir Tim Berners-Lee,