At Grandeo, it is our mission to build a new generation of Blockchain solutions for data security. We want to make data simple and secure for everyone and have developed innovative solutions to achieve our goal. Our SaaS applications are built by experts in technology and financial services and use customised blockchain technology to solve the growing challenges of data and regulation.

We have developed unique hyperledger blockchain systems and research products that help users, investors and companies reach their security potential. We provide efficient and affordable ways for businesses and users to take control of their financial, regulatory and transaction data. Our central blockchain was built with IBM and UCL.

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Our History

Grandeo was launched in 2017 to develop Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology by experts in financial services and technology. Our Directors have global (US, UK, Asia) investment banking and financial services backgrounds. We are experienced in equities, fixed income, real estate, fund management, quant hedge funds and compliance. Our technology experience includes full stack development, integration and blockchain creation.

At Grandeo, we love starting conversations and developing solutions for new and exciting territories. Grandeo Labs is our innovation hub which provides a community focused development program. We want users to experiment and work with us to solve day-to-day problems.


Member of The British Blockchain Foundation



Why Grandeo?

Grandeo applies blockchain technology to real world problems. We have been developing our technology for 3 years with IBM (hyperledger) and UCL and have built a number of projects with our technology. We believe our solutions and mobile data management tools can streamline the data transfer process, removing the access points for misuse and interruption by validating information through our blockchain. We use zero knowledge storage and client side cold storage to enable users and businesses to regain control of their sensitive data and greatly enhance their risk management.

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